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  • I'm Evia, a strong advocate of marriage for American black women. I believe that when black women 'know' more about ALL of their choices, they make BETTER choices. I've written 400+ teaching essays that empower black women of all ages to make life-enhancing choices. Please e-mail me with relevant material. And please spread the word!!



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Eve Sharon Moore or "Evia" is an African American woman who is married to a white American man. She is the proud mother of two sons, and holds undergrad and graduate degrees in comparative cultures and counseling. She has traveled internationally, lived in Africa, and spends time outside the U.S. each year. "I've lived on many 'slices' of life which enables me to mingle easily with people on all rungs of the socioeconomic ladder.”

Evia was interviewed extensively in 2007 by the Associated Press and her site was highlighted in an AP article regarding the surge in African American women dating and marrying white men. Her blog that began in 2006 soon morphed into the website: Along with essays, this site has picture galleries containing numerous pictures of black female-non-black male couples from all walks of life-from the rich and famous to the ordinary. The site also contains an intercultural marriage section. "I wanted to shine the light on the interracial and intercultural marriage options for African American women. These are other choices that upwardly mobile African American women, especially, have for love and marriage that are not often reflected in the black or white media. I wanted to urge African American women to take advantage of those possibilities for love and marriage outside their immediate environment, just as women of other races and ethnicities do.

I urge African American women to feel free to date and marry any suitable, compatible, loving and lovable quality man from any background in the global village. The 'quality' of the man is the critical factor, not skin shade or place of origin. Men of quality come in all skin shades and from all backgrounds. Lots of these guys would love the chance to develop a loving, committed relationship with an African American woman. Let's face it, "finding a man of quality in the ocean is much easier than finding him in a backyard puddle."


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