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December 16, 2008


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Thanks E for posting this. I hope the ladies will poke their heads into this room and take a look see. (Your "house" has so many wonderful learning rooms.)

I remember once, dressing up as Cleopatra for a Halloween keg party during my undergrad days. I just took a white sheet and wrapped it toga style (with leggings and a tank underneath lest there be an unfortunate unwravelling of the sheet..lol) Then I got a black Cleo braided wig with heavy bangs, heavy black "cat eye" eyeliner, full blood red lips, a gold headband, and the most telling piece...a golden asp that "snaked" up my forearm....I was the belle of the ball (although that was not my intention. I just wanted to drink beer in a costume)...also, I'm pretty sure Cleopatra did not wear sneakers.

Even then I REFUSED to accept that Liz Taylor was the image of the amazing Cleopatra...I believed (then and now) that women who looked like I do in this life, were the wives, consorts and partners of those who ruled the ancient powerful dynasties, and there is no reason why it cannot be the same today.

That is what I BELIEVE and know to be true!


This is a wonderful article. I knew that Cleopatra was of color, but I never knew that she could pretty much pass as a regular AA woman.

Now i am wondering what was her secret for enticing men.

I read those comments and it sounds like haterism to the nth degree.


African history is truely one of the best. There are so many interesting stories.


I love hearing things like this. I skimmed the responses. Yep. Hate! I've also heard that Jesus and Mary, considering where they are from, would have have had darker skin. They would look middle eastern as opposed to the porcelain statues we see today. Thanks!


Hey alta I have a pic a jew from around the time of Yahusha (Jesus) And he was a definite black man. Jews at that time according to Titus was of Ethiopian looking stock.


Cleo's airstyle is NO different than what we see today on black peoples. Her mixed background also, is NO different than the mixed background of your everyday AA person. Many of use are walking around with the blood of white fathers, some of us display that more than others- but for the most part- identifiably black.



Can I use this entire post with your comments on my Image blog??? Pretty pleeeeeaase?? LOL



Can I use this entire post with your comments on my Image blog??? Pretty pleeeeeaase?? LOL

Sure, GO AHEAD and use it! Just give me credit for my comments and pls mention my site.


Okie dokie Evia thanks!!!

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