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December 29, 2008


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I have first hand knowledge of what crime has done to our communities. As an officer of the court, I saw time and time again young black boys coming in accused of misdemeanors to various felonies. They are clueless but think they know everything. It gets to a point where you are just processing paperwork and on to the next case. Many mothers came into the facilities crying and begging for help for their near dbrbb(boys). Many were already for the adult jails as soon as they turned 18. They didn't have true hope, they just survived on a day to day basis. This is a parenting issue or lack there of. I don't care how many government programs you have, some people will still want to blame whites for all of their ills and circumstances when choices were made.

I was personally moved two years ago when 5 black male youths were killed while sitting in an SUV in California. That was 5 potential families who will never be. Statistics say that some of the boys were most likely already fathers, but that is beside the point. Except that their offspring will most like repeat the cycle unless the mother can get the help and intervention she needs.

I don't think politics has a thing to do with this. This is due to lack of a positive role model in the home. The poorest of the poor have been able to rise up when the parents (or mother) is determined to have better for her children. What will people say when Obama's administration doesn't yield the results they seek because of the continuing influx of black men and boys into prison. It doesn't matter who is in office, certain mind-sets and mentalities will come into play based on parenting and upbringing ---- or lack their of.

Crimes committed by girls are on the rise too. Black girls are filling up the juvenile facilities and prisons too. So there is truth to this article, some of the pieces are missing. The good thing is that some mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and other influential women are steering their girls clear of felons and bums.

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