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October 16, 2008


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From page four of the report...

"In a similar vein, but at the opposite side of the economic spectrum, Edin and Kefalas (2005) question the causal direction between marriage and economic status. They find that poor women want to get married but that their potential mates are not good marriage material: they are poor, lack quality jobs, and are likely to have been in jail, to have drug and alcohol problems, and may be violent. For these women, the costs of marriage apparently outweigh its benefits."

For non black women - including the non black poor - the BENEFITS of marriage outweigh costs.

Since what is true for the rest of humanity (marriage being considered a benefit and something that helps instead of hurts) appears to be increasingly inverse in the AA "comunity", it only makes common sense for these poor black women to look OUTSIDE of their immediate environments (that have a larger amount of unmarriagable men) for a good mate and father to any subsequent children.

There are poor White, and Hispanic women with husbands. So poverty is NOT the reason why marriage rates are plumeting amongst the urban poor.

And poor Asian immigrant women (and others) are well known for exchanging their youth and/or beauty for a secure lifestyle here in America.

There is NO reason on God's green earth why black women - poor and rich alike - can't do at least as well marriage wise as their white, hispanic, and Asian counterparts.

The THINKING is what has to be changed.

What's insane is these days there is apparently some percentage of educated, middle class, and upper middle class black women ALSO "vying for the attention" of these CLEARLY unmarriagable men who are not father material.


Change your thinking ladies and change your life.

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