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September 17, 2008


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I'm definitely checking out this movie. I LOVE Sanaa... she's one of my favourite actresses.


She's one of my favs too. Next thing she needs to do is DATE out!! Imagine the impact on young black girls if she did!! Cant wait to see the movie!

Ann F

I would be surprise if she didn't date out?

Excellent actress.

Ann F.


While she was doing the publicity for "Something New", Sanaa mentioned that while she was at Yale School of Drama she dated a fellow drama student who was white (I think she may have mentioned that he was Jewish, but I'm not 100% sure) for 2 years. She also mentioned that her male relatives were not happy about her IR relationship, nor was her boyfriend's mother (who was supposedly a "liberal").


Sanaa is not dating out right now. She's dating this handsome black professional football player. African royalty. For real.

This is just a job. I think I read somewhere where is said she likes her men chocolate.

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