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September 24, 2008


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Ann F.

@Junia you are very bright for a 20 yr. old. Do continue your education. And, I agree with Evia. Keep your eyes open while in Europe just in case. Your search is not over until the I Dos are said.


This is wonderful news Junia! Good work. Enjoy yourself. :)


One possibility: consider doing a study abroad program. Think of it, you can spend a semester to a year overseas, where you can get to know him better and get to meet other men.

I'm guessing your are a sophomore? You would be able to continue vetting him while you pursue your education, and if it doesn't work out, no loss to you, you just come back home to finish your degree here!

Best of luck!




I agree with Ann F and PVW. Good luck and I hope everything works out well for you and your potential mate abroad.


This is great news!

Just see where this budding romance leads. Let in unfold naturally.

And it's not much of an age difference at all. As you get older you'll realize this.

I HIGHLY recommend European men but then I"m biased. My husband is German and he's a wonderful man, a fantastic father, and excellent provider.

Continue to stay away from that AB crew and enjoy your life. You're good at vetting so if this young man is not "the one" - and only time can tell but things certainly look good so far - you will definitely find him.

Take care, God bless, and continue enjoying your life!


Wow, this is great. You're going to France? I'm also going to France. I arrive November 6th, maybe we can get together for lunch. I will be staying in Paris.

My move was prompted by (among other reasons) the fact that it's been difficult to find the right man for me in the states. My last relationship did not work out and dates are few and far between. Evia is right, you need to have several guys that you're vetting. Unfortunately that hasn't worked out for me because I don't get many dates. But when I was in France so many men were attracted to me and 90% of the men I date are from Europe. The bottom-line is that I'm getting older and I can't waste my time on the limited number of quality men I've come in contact with here. So Paris, here I come! :-)


Beverly, how long will you stay in Paris? And will you be working while you're there? I'm very interested, because I'm thinking of doing the same thing. Thanks.



I will be in Paris for an indefinite period of time. I will be working w/ clients via internet while I'm there. If you want to do it, definitely step out there and go. Do you have the type of job you can do from anywhere? I'm a freelance writer so it's a little easier for me to travel.


Beverly, can you give some info about how to start the move? I'm keen to move to Europe too but just don't know about the visa and immigration rules. I am thinking of taking an extended holiday (about 3 months) travelling around, but it would be cool to make the move permanent. Maybe I can look for a job or further study programs whilst there (amongst other things :P).



Are you British? I ask because of your use of words such as "whilst" and "keen" and your spelling. If so, you are a member of the EU and have the legal right to live and work in France. If you're not British or a citizen in another EU nation the rule is different. For Americans you can legally live in France for 3 months. Visit www.americansinfrance.com, they have a lot of information about how to get a visa, living abroad, etc. If you are young, without children or a husband I would suggest that you just go. Don't over plan it. Just approach it as an adventure. But then again my personality is very adventurous and I'm not adverse to taking huge risks. You may be different. Otherwise, studying abroad is probably the easiest option especially if your profession is not portable or you're not highly skilled.


Beverly, unfortunately my job is not very portable (I'm an attorney). I speak almost fluent french, but I don't know french civil law and as a non-EU citizen or resident, don't have the right to work in an "official" position. I would truly have to find a more portable and independent means of making a living in order to make the leap to living in Paris. But that's exactly what I'm racking my brain about doing, so where there's a will, there should be a way!


["I speak almost fluent french,"]

Sandra, since you speak almost fluent French, you should, in the interim, spend holidays and vacations in Montreal. Anywhere you go outside of the USA, there is less resistance to interracial relationships. Or you should check out Afrointroductions.com There are lots of Euro men on there and some of them appear legit.


Evia, I actually grew up in Toronto - that's where I learned to speak French. And I was a French major/German minor in university. I love Canada, and while I don't rule out Montreal, my strong preference is really to live in Western Europe. I've travelled there before, and I always enjoy the people I meet there, and always have a strong desire to stay or at least come back. And I just like European men, I have to admit!


Hey Sandra,

Feel free to email me at bevfilm@yahoo.com and we can talk more.


Beverly, I will PM you this evening when I get home (I can't access my private email from work). Thanks for giving me your email address - that is really a sweet thing of you to do.


Hi Sandra,

I just went to a luncheon with a colleague who works in an international field. I learned a lot which I can share with the women here who have an interest in going overseas.

As a lawyer, don't let yourself believe that not having the French civil law background will be difficult.

Think of it this way--there are differences between transnational and international law practice. Transnational: trade across borders as an example. International: can entail private or public law practice, criminal to human rights and whatever. Your area of practice might fit in. Neither of these might require you to have a background in French civil law.

Getting even more creative, find out where the international/transnational law practice folks are in your legal community. There are bound to be committees in the local bar association.

I'm not sure whether you still live in Canada. If you are in the U.S., perhaps you might join too, any local French language/culture clubs, like Alliance Francaise (I'm missing the cedille), which I knew from NYC. These attract lots of ex-Pat French speakers who live in a certain community.



Thanks for the information. I was educated in the British educational system so I tend to use British English.

I also speak reasonable French and so am hoping to find employment in a Francophone country.


PVW, thanks for your suggestions. I will look into it. I'm in a smaller city in the US right now, so I'm not sure if they'll have the types of groups you mentioned, but I will check. Perhaps I'll have to do a bit of driving to get to those groups in a larger city, but it might be worth the travel. Thanks, again.


Evia, I took your suggestion about Afro Introductions. I didn't see anyone "interesting" in France, but I did see a couple of potential interesting guys in Switzerland.



Mein Deutsch sehr schlecht ist, aber ich kann sagen "Viel Gluck mit du und dein mann." Das ist Fantastisch!



Nein! Das ist gut Deutsch!


Hi Sandra
Didn't you get in touch with the contacts I sent you?. I've got a very good friend (Caribbean/Canadian) who lives in Geneva Switzerland, working as a corporate lawyer (she's also married to a German guy and have twin boys!). I'm sure I sent you her details, as well as one of the top-notch lawyers who heads the legal and compliance dept of one of our biggest banks. Let me know.

Otherwise, if anyone's in technology, even though the markets are drying up and it's getting even tougher for non-EC expats, if you're qualified in Oracle or have any banking tech knowledge/experience, I've got a boatload of contacts.


Hi Ccch
I am looking for an opportunity to work overseas too. I would like Europe also. I am a librarian and would like to work in Germany, Italy or France. I can speak Spanish.



Pls can u post the update story or give us another link? The link you have given is dead and i would love to read more about these 2!

thank you.

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